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Dwight Yorke


Except this isn't about him, it's all about his fancy woman Jordan.

I wrote to Dwight Yorke a few months ago asking if he would be interested in buying this domain name. I also offered to write a fan site for him at not cost, all I asked was for a small mention in the Manchester United match day programme. Now I imagine Dwighty boy must be quite busy with his life, but he couldn't even be bothered to send a short reply saying that he wasn't insterested and for me to stick it.
I did tell him in my letter that I wouldn't use this domain name for anything naughty or out of order, but seeing as he can't be bothered to reply to my letter then I can't be bothered to keep to my side of things.

Anyway, enough of the chat! Welcome to my little world of Dwight Yorke's current flame - JORDAN!
Everytime he changes a girlfriend, this site will change with him as well! A bit like a shadow you could say.

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I've also searched pretty much everywhere on the internet to find you some links to Jordan


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If you want to offer me 500 for this domain name or if any of these links don't work then please email me on 'solange__@hotmail.com'

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Last updated : 19 April 2001